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Anti Tracks is an all in one solution providing disk cleanup, data protection, spam elimination
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13 February 2013

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Saving or accessing any kind of private or confidential information over a computer system which is shared is simply being foolish as there would always be the chance of your private information being compromised by any malevolent mind. More so, in official premises wherein there can be several computers for your assistance and working over which you try to store up and keep up ample information for your reference and time of need and in the process can also keep up some important personal file or document without realizing that there is a chance of theft, even if browsing history is recoverable and shift deleted file is recoverable too. Anti Tracks 7.5.1 is a unique tool that easily eliminates all tracks of computer usage to make usage all safe and sound for you.

Anti Tracks 7.5.1 opens with a vibrantly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the left panel to protect individual identity and alter the settings and the main screen showing the summary of the system usage for browsed web history and plug-ins along with giving helpful tips to remove usage details. The program works easily with a few clicks to remove any browser history and third party applications along with removing any kind of hidden files over the system that might reveal information about windows usage and any third party application usage history. The program also helps to successfully protect online identity along with important documents and files and also offers the utility of folder shredder to delete any particular file from the computer memory where it can be accessed.

To sum it up, Anti Tracks 7.5.1 works as a simple yet powerful tool that can be used for removing all traces of PC usage for safety of the user and hence gets a rating of four points for its utility value and superlative performance.

Publisher's description

Just about everything you do on your computer can be tracked. That's because every time you visit a website, view an online video, or open or create files using any type of application on your computer, traces of data get stored on your hard drive. Even when you clear your browser history, delete files, and empty your recycle bin, those traces of data remain.
While this is your computer's way of making it easy for you to revisit websites or restore data that you accidentally deleted, those traces of data can serve as an open book to anyone who gains access to your computer. Accumulate enough of this hidden data, it can also slow down your computer and compromise its performance over time that is unless you have Anti Tracks!
With Anti Tracks installed on your computer, you can permanently erase ALL web browser, Windows, and third-party application usage history, including the revealing tracks of hidden data, without any chance of recovery even with today's most sophisticated computer recovery tools.
In addition, Anti Tracks includes a set of advanced security features that allow you to securely hide sensitive files and folders, as well as permanently delete the ones you want off your computer forever. Anti Tracks also safeguard's your computer's performance with useful maintenance tools that make eliminating unnecessary applications and data files from your hard drive quick and easy.
Anti Tracks
Anti Tracks
Version 9.0.1
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